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“Amphiphilic poly-glucosamine derivatives” Emine®


Cosmetic Raw Materials

“Amphiphilic poly-glucosamine(chitosan) derivatives” Emine®

[Moisturizer, Water-holding, Emollient, Barrier film etc.]

Amphiphilic poly-glucosamine (Chitosan) derivatives [Emine®] are the compounds prepared by bonding long fatty acids to mucopolysaccharide and then introducing strong water-soluble groups such as quaternary ammonium salt,sulfonic acid salt and succinyl type. Various fatty acids and their mixtures were transformed to anhydrides and bonded to poly-glucosamine under mild conditions by amide bondage, and water-soluble groups were introduced under strong alkaline conditions mainly to the hydroxyl group at 6-position of the sugar group without the decomposition of them.These compounds are amphiphilic because they have hydrophobic long alkyl chains and water-soluble group as well as hydrophilic glucosamine residue. Therefore, they have both properties of oils (humidity retaining, emollient) and moisturizer, from the viewpoint of cosmetic raw materials. Such type of amphiphilic polymer prepared by the modification of natural polymers has never commercially presented, because the introduction of above-mentioned groups to the sugar residue is usually difficult. Emine® of cosmetic raw material is various properties effective for skin and hair cosmetics such as water-holding, emollient, barrier film, damage repair and so on.

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